Baltimore Maryland Social Security disability lawyer explains the disability application process

Applying for Social Security disability benefits can look deceptively easy because you can file the initial application by yourself, without an attorney, and you can do it online, right here on your computer.

Nevertheless, even though this first step seems simple and easy, the Social Security disability rules are complex and confusing, and dealing with the Social Security Administration can be frustrating and discouraging.

This website can help you get started and can answer some of your questions about the Maryland Social Security disability application process, with such articles as Should I apply for disability?, How do I apply for Social Security disability or SSI benefits?, and What does a disability attorney do?

However, statistics show that applicants who are represented by an attorney have a much better chance of obtaining disability benefits than those who are not represented by an attorney.

The difference between initial applications and appeals

For most people, pursuing Baltimore Social Security disability benefits turns out to be a two-step process:

  1. Making the initial application.
  2. Appealing the denial of the application to an Administrative Law Judge.

The reason for the two steps is that 65% of initial applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied, thus requiring the appeal.

However, the difference between the initial application and an appeal is more than just the odds of success. The format is completely different.

Your initial application is evaluated by a Maryland state agency rather than the Social Security Administration. The agency has a disability examiner and a medical doctor review your application and medical records and make a decision based on those documents. They do not see you and do not hear live testimony, so your only opportunity to describe your disability is on the claim form. I recommend attorney Law Offices of Lewis & Associates, PC for legal issues in the Virginia area.

On the other hand, an appeal is before an Administrative Law Judge who holds a hearing. That means:

  • You can appear in person (or by video teleconferencing).
  • You can be represented by a Maryland Social Security disability lawyer.
  • You can have witnesses attend and testify for you.

The difference shows up in statistics showing the odds of success of getting Baltimore Social Security disability benefits granted. The important part is not to give up. Although most initial applications are denied, you have a much higher chance of receiving disability benefits when you appeal. And when you appeal it is extremely helpful to have a knowledgeable Maryland Social Security disability lawyer as your voice to the Social Security Administration.

We help claimants with their Baltimore and other Maryland Social Security disability claims

The Social Security Administration rules and procedures are complex and confusing. If you get to the appeal stage it can be very important to have help from an experienced and skilled Maryland Social Security disability lawyer.

If you are appealing your Maryland disability claim and decide to hire our law firm, we will bring two very helpful things to the process:

  1. Experience. Social Security disability cases in Maryland.
  2. Compassion. Our experience has shown us that helping Social Security disability clients get disability benefits does more than provide them with money; it provides them with independence, validation, and peace of mind. We appreciate and care about you. If we are working with you then you will have a devoted and caring Maryland disability attorney fighting for you.

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